Is Zee TV Programs Exception from Criticize & Reviews?

Stop fake Copyright claims by Aiplex. This is a serious accusation! That should have serious repercussions!

Copyright is not a solution to avoid reviews and criticization. Copyright does not protect ideas or concepts.

Why this issue?

I respect Copyright. But I hate false copyright claims for personal benefits and other reasons. In 30 days I received copyright claims for 22 videos in YouTube from Aiplex. These claims are claimed only for their personal benefits, to satisfy their contract with their client Zee Television. Due to their false claims, I received 4 strikes in YouTube and my account disabled because of them..

Who Is Aiplex?

Aiplex offering cheap services to client but they are doing more damage to their clients than actual good.  My videos are removed from YouTube due to this company claimed false copyright claims against my published videos. After received our advocate notice, their response was unprofessional and like illiterate goons. I will share link, Click here learn more about them.

Is Criticize, Review or News reporting about a TV serial is illegal in India?

These are the titles and description I used in YouTube:

Please note:

  • I am not retelecast the Zee Tamil TV Sembaruthi serial in my video.
  • I am not used any video clipings from Sembaruthi Serial.
  • I am not used any background videos, music from Sembaruthi Serial
  • Video 1, 2 and 3 are my creative work and these videos are created for review / criticize and news reporting  purpose. No original material from Sembaruthi episode used here.
  • Video 4: Images used under Fair Dealing provision in Copyright Act 1952. This video is not about single episode, it criticize all of the episodes. Around 40 images used from 500+ episodes. Please read the video description link for more details.

Sharing is carring


FDear Youtubers and Content creators, I request you to share any of our “” or “Stop Fake Copyright Claim” banner at least 1 or 2 seconds inside your YouTube videos or Facebook posts. Just send me your YouTube video URL in the supporters form in this website.

If any requirement I can use your video as a evidence and witness in my legal process. I can say I am not only affected by Aiplex,  This huge list affected by Aiplex directly or indirectly. Also the respected clients of Aiplex will rethink and change their content protection contract to some other genuine companies.

Fear to add iHateAiplex creatives in your videos? No issues. just share this website  to your friends, YT subscribers and FB fans. That’s enough.

- Pushparaj


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